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The mix glass beads is a glass beads which has color mix contains transparent and opaque beads in shades of lilac, pale blue and white. In this year's Crazy Mix 5 has a great mix of colors and shapes are very popular in the glass beads market. There are some Chinese faceted and Lampwork beads in the mix. The remainder of the mix consists of India bead styles. This is a mix of a little of everything: fancy lampwork, aventurine, clay or ceramic beads, millifiori, pressed glass shapes, luster AB finishes, an even a few metal beads, seed & bugle beads or glass cabochons. Another type of mix beads Seven Seas Mix which contain many wonderful beads in shaded of blue, aqua, turquoise and oodles of green. Some other type of mixed glass beads are :- Fancy mix "A" grade type I, Fancy decorative glass beads M ,Eye beads Mix, Silver foil fancy mix (big hole , small hole and wrapped),Plain mix glass beads(transparent ,opaque, yellow shade, blue shade) ,Tear drop mix transparent, Round Oval & Square marble polish glass beads mix, Flower glass beads mix, Hair clip mix ,Pipe glass beads mix etc.


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