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The first extraneous symbol of a leady is her ornaments. The beautiful semi precious stone mongra necklace which has high quality, made by the skilled worker of Rajasthan. It is fantastic in color shade for any type of function including prom, party etc. The design of these necklaces is very graceful and according to your taste and elegance as you walk out. For managing wide selection of gemstone chip beads we use many different sources and strand lengths and stringing methods vary widely between vendors.

Occasionally, the mini-chips will also be available in the longer continuous loop strands. The chips come in two basic size categories: Mini-chips and 'Regular'. There is much type of semi precious beads (chips) these are:-15" or 16" inch strands 32" inch strands 34" or 36" inch strands

Semi Precious Beads (Chips) Picture Gallery